Welcome to Nathan's Computer Work Site!

I am here to help with all of your computer needs. Do you need your computer repaired? NO PROBLEM! Do you need a website? NO PROBLEM! Would you like an app or a program made for you? NO PROBLEM! Do you want to learn how to make a website or an app? NO PROBLEM! Do you need anything else? I'LL TRY TO HELP!


    Here are a few things that I offer :

  1. Computer Repair
  2. Website Design
  3. Program Creation
  4. Website Design Lessons
  5. Programming Lessongs
  6. Other thing that you need help with. (I may not be able to help but I will try my best.


If you would like me to help you with what ever you need. You need to be located around the area of CA, ON Whitby / Oshawa. If you are wanting to stop by my house then you need to contact me privatly and I will consider it. If you need my help and you are to far away, I can start a live chat and I can guide you along.


If you need to contact me for any reasons, as to book an appointment or need a live chat for help. Email me at nathan.r.singer@icloud.com